The happy now


The curveballs it throws and knocks you off your feet for a while, seem, terrible. But what I continue to learn is it helps to keep you in the right perspective. 

Everytime I go through the fog for a while, the outcome and lesson learned is so much sweeter. 

What seemed so awful, was simply not my dream. But not awful. 

What seems to never come, is simply an adventure until I get there. 

What stole my joy.  Is my focus being on myself and not on my Christ and his sovereign will for my perfect story. 

So don’t ignore the lesson He is teaching you through the unkown. 

Take it. Run with it. Be grateful for it even when it doesn’t feel good. 

It showed me I need to be happy now. 

Not save my happy for a later date. 

Joy is now.

Life is NOW. 

Don’t miss the moments so worth noticing because you think your idea of life is better. It isn’t. 

His is.

— Rambles on a Thursday 

The happy now

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