Life happens 

  Hello beautiful souls, 

Since I decided to start this blog, I got busy. Really busy (as you may have guessed due to my absence).  I got a new part-time job at our local donut shop (yes, donuts), I also work at my fathers furniture store on most all the other days, and have a few random odd jobs all in between.  That being said, I think I’m allowed to say I have a kind of crazy schedule. Right?

I keep telling myself that.  But also, the opposite. Because I always feel like I need to do more.  But, I’m not quite positive what I need to do more of?  Well, I wasn’t. Now I’m thinking I do know. 

More Jesus. 

“All I need is a little bit of coffee, and a whole lot of Jesus.” 

(Well, a lot of coffee in my case, but you get my point.) 

You see, before every single one of my days were planned out for work, except that one beautiful Sunday-Monday weekend I get.  I had time.  I would wake up, get my coffee, and just slowly start my day with family devotion and MY devotion.  No rush. No set time limit.  And then, all at once it seemed. Everything changed. 

Lately, I’ve had and underlying sadness.  Just an uncomfortable stuck feeling. Like I’m moving in slow motion but the rest of the world is running 90 to nothing.  And like I said, I just couldn’t figure out why.  Well now I know.  When busy schedules and early mornings replace that most beautiful part of the day.  Spent with the master and creator of all.  Just you and Him.  Giving and receiving.  Loneliness sets in. 

But not anymore, I need Him.  Every second of everyday.  And I know that.  So, now I’m going to do something about it. Whether it means getting up even earlier, or making a nightly routine.  He gave His life for me.  The least I can do set aside my distractions for Him.  

So, maybe this busy-ness is actually a good thing.  Maybe all along, once again, He is showing me I can’t do it alone.  But I can do it with Him. 

Keep moving forward. 

Don’t let something small, stop your whole plan and dream in life. 

Just stop and make sure you’re holding His hand every step you take. 

And then, go. 

Life happens 

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