What’s your purpose?

I’ve noticed lately how my mindset in life has been so wrong.  I know why I live the way I live, “and whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus” (Col 3:17) but, I never noticed how little I actually apply that practically in my choices and specifically, my thinking.  When times get tough and hope is hard to grasp, I automatically act in a way that says “life’s to hard so why even try”.  I resort to every night finding that new movie to take my mind off of things or comfort foods to make me feel better, shopping because maybe that perfect outfit will give me a days worth of feeling some kind of satisfaction.  Of course at the time I never see the way I react to problems is not the right way to handle things, but now I can see it more clearly.

Somewhere along the way, I forgot my purpose.  The most gracious loving God did not decide to give me life because he wanted me to find fulfillment and happiness in materialistic things.  He didn’t create me to thrive when times are great and hide away in despair when times are hard.  He tells me He made me in His image.  He made me to “mount up with wings as eagles”.  To love fully, for I am loved. As someone so blessed to know Him personally and in such a real way, my attitude and life should radiate strength and hope to everyone that sees me.

So, I guess the thought behind all these jumbled words is…when you get lost and confused in what you are even doing anymore.  When you don’t even understand why you are even here when everything you say or do seems so inconsequential.  When it seems their are so many people around you that you just cant even come close to amounting to.  And you’re missing out on so many happy opportunities with other beautiful souls because Netflix and chill is all you want these days. YOU were chosen to be made into a person with feelings to have, people to love, and changes to make.  God personally decided YOU needed to be a part of this thing called life. He tells us that “my grace is sufficient for YOU”.  And I think, He wants us to live like we’re alive. To spend every minute of everyday like its the best one yet.  To love Him, by loving what He decides to give us in that moment.  Because it’s enough. He is more than enough.  And living a life that testifies to that, is my purpose.

Whats yours?


What’s your purpose?

The happy now


The curveballs it throws and knocks you off your feet for a while, seem, terrible. But what I continue to learn is it helps to keep you in the right perspective. 

Everytime I go through the fog for a while, the outcome and lesson learned is so much sweeter. 

What seemed so awful, was simply not my dream. But not awful. 

What seems to never come, is simply an adventure until I get there. 

What stole my joy.  Is my focus being on myself and not on my Christ and his sovereign will for my perfect story. 

So don’t ignore the lesson He is teaching you through the unkown. 

Take it. Run with it. Be grateful for it even when it doesn’t feel good. 

It showed me I need to be happy now. 

Not save my happy for a later date. 

Joy is now.

Life is NOW. 

Don’t miss the moments so worth noticing because you think your idea of life is better. It isn’t. 

His is.

— Rambles on a Thursday 

The happy now

What’s your story? 

Oh dear humans,

Why are we such selfish beings?

I know I’m starting this post a little on the downer side, but, honestly.


What have we done that is of such great importance and high regard that we deserve everything we want?

Because, that is what gets us down. Discontentment. Sadness. Anger. Covetousness. Always wanting more.

It ALL branches from having a selfish attitude.

Well, I’m not content because don’t have —

I’m just sad because I’m so tired of —

I’m angry in life because

I just don’t see why I can’t have — too

These different thoughts run through our mind so often.

So often and we probably don’t even realize HOW much we actually complain inside of us.

But why?

I have just been blown away lately. All these things happening in life ; from shootings that take away someone’s best friend in an unexpected instant, to little ones leaving life traumatically after the the life span of just two years, to cancer stealing the excitement of growing old with your soulmate, and the list goes on.

But, not me.

All of these things are horrible, sad, and confusing happenings.

But I have never had to experience one of them personally. Not one.

Yeah, sure, little things happen in life that upset me, and that’s normal.

But, do I get upset for a little while, pray and ask God to take away those thoughts, and move on?

Or do I dwell on it. Day, after day, after day. And act like life is so tough. When, it’s not.

Yes. Things happen. Yes. We are human and won’t be happy campers every single day.

But how often are we joyful? And grateful for our blessed lives?  More than not? Or are most of our days spent down and sad? Or is it about 50/50?

I’m just going to be honest for a minute.  With all of the things going on around me, all the sadness, and all the trials I can’t even imagine having to face.

It has really sparked my attention in my own life.

Why should something so grievous not happen to me, when I walk around day in and day out acting like it already has??

But it hasn’t.

I’m so blessed beyond measure.

And when I look back at my life, I want to see a life full of joy, happiness, and gratefulness.

Not a life wasted with sad memories that I allowed myself to create by dwelling on such small insignificant things.

I have the greatest gift a human can possibly possess in this life by having a personal relationship with the almighty God.

And He gives me more than I could ever need. In the small things, and in the big things.

So, I don’t know what your attitude is everyday.

And maybe you’re a happy and joyful being almost all the time, and if you’re, that’s so, so great.

But I know me.

And I know I’m not showing how greatly God has blessed me through my life story, like I can.

So, I’m challenging myself to change that. And you’re welcome to do the same.

If people looked at you and your life thus far, what would they say about you?

What would you want them to say about you?

Now’s the time to start living the way you want to be remembered.

– You always have now.

– You never know about tomorrow.

What’s your story? 

Summer thoughts 

Hello world, 

Yes. It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted, I seem to be working quite a bit these days. However, I’m determined to get back in the swing of things and learn to live fully every moment of everyday (even when I have a select hours to sleep and regain coherent thoughts). 

Life definitely throws you a few curve balls. You think you are figuring it all out, and then God brings you back down to your knees and shows you who’s still God and who is not. 

Always working on letting go and letting God. 

But, in the in-betweens and the moments where you feel like you can just take a moment to breathe. There is always something beautiful lurking around just waiting to be noticed. 

So here’s a few of my happy little things since summer has made its debut : 


From a day by the pool, to the healthy chocolate donuts your best friend invites you to indulge in, to a Sunday ride up the mountain, to the most perfect baby Arie you just can’t get enough of, to that sweet watermelon summer requires, your first trip to a greenhouse, those needed taco dates with the sister, and that one song you find and put on repeat as soon as you get behind the wheel. 

These are the moments I won’t forget. 

These are the things that remind me to live. 

– let go

– let God

– live 

Summer thoughts 

Live you

Ever feel like you just aren’t living up to par compared to everyone else?  It’s a constant battle of mine. Let’s be honest.

I’m not crafty.  My nose could be shaped better.  I could be in better shape.  My clothes aren’t top of the line in brand. My IG pictures aren’t pro.  Etc… But, who cares! It’s so easy to get wrapped up in being as cool as everyone around you.  But why is that such an issue for everyone?  I am not one of those “just be who you are and don’t care what anyone thinks” kind of people.  I strongly believe you need to care.  You need to care what Christ thinks of you.  And you need to be who He has called you to be.  But, don’t get caught up in all the petty little things.  Yes, they’re nice to have.  I love coffee.  I love dressing in a certain style of clothing. I love to go on adventures. And I love to share them with the world and my friends on IG and different social medias.
And they are all beautiful things to enjoy.

But they shouldn’t run our life or our mood.

So maybe I’m the only one that has to remind myself to just live my life and not compare myself to others.

But if you have that issue too.  Just know you aren’t alone.  We can overcome that. I want to know YOU.  How you see things.  What inspires you.  What your dreams are.  How God has worked in your life.

How boring life would be if we were all exactly the same.

Nobody can live your life.

So live it to the full.


Dance in the street, roll the windows down and wave to the passing cars,  sing out loud, laugh often.

We are so blessed.

Let’s show it.

– a random thought

– By me

Live you

Life happens 

  Hello beautiful souls, 

Since I decided to start this blog, I got busy. Really busy (as you may have guessed due to my absence).  I got a new part-time job at our local donut shop (yes, donuts), I also work at my fathers furniture store on most all the other days, and have a few random odd jobs all in between.  That being said, I think I’m allowed to say I have a kind of crazy schedule. Right?

I keep telling myself that.  But also, the opposite. Because I always feel like I need to do more.  But, I’m not quite positive what I need to do more of?  Well, I wasn’t. Now I’m thinking I do know. 

More Jesus. 

“All I need is a little bit of coffee, and a whole lot of Jesus.” 

(Well, a lot of coffee in my case, but you get my point.) 

You see, before every single one of my days were planned out for work, except that one beautiful Sunday-Monday weekend I get.  I had time.  I would wake up, get my coffee, and just slowly start my day with family devotion and MY devotion.  No rush. No set time limit.  And then, all at once it seemed. Everything changed. 

Lately, I’ve had and underlying sadness.  Just an uncomfortable stuck feeling. Like I’m moving in slow motion but the rest of the world is running 90 to nothing.  And like I said, I just couldn’t figure out why.  Well now I know.  When busy schedules and early mornings replace that most beautiful part of the day.  Spent with the master and creator of all.  Just you and Him.  Giving and receiving.  Loneliness sets in. 

But not anymore, I need Him.  Every second of everyday.  And I know that.  So, now I’m going to do something about it. Whether it means getting up even earlier, or making a nightly routine.  He gave His life for me.  The least I can do set aside my distractions for Him.  

So, maybe this busy-ness is actually a good thing.  Maybe all along, once again, He is showing me I can’t do it alone.  But I can do it with Him. 

Keep moving forward. 

Don’t let something small, stop your whole plan and dream in life. 

Just stop and make sure you’re holding His hand every step you take. 

And then, go. 

Life happens 


Hello humans.

This is bits and peices of my mind/soul. Which if you know me, is a stretch to share with others at all, being the introvert I am.  It’s nothing fancy. No perfect spelling or grammar skills (cause that’s never been my cup of tea).  Just a simply put place where I will attempt sharing unfinished thoughts, from an unfinished me.  There is a quote I love that says:

“She is caught between who she is, and who she wants to be.”

That lately has been one of the most relatable sayings I’ve come across.  Not in a sad and depressing way at all.  But from me being honest that I am the furthest thing from perfect.  No one is.  Only my gracious Savior holds the title of perfection.  And only He ever will.  But I’m learning that, that’s okay. We aren’t demanded to be perfect.  But we are demanded to glorify our creator.  Everyday. Every moment.  And when we fall, he picks us back up.  Even though we don’t deserve it.  And I think every one of us is living proof of that in some part of our life. I know I am.  The more I mess up the more I don’t like who I am. The more I fail, the more I worry.  That I’m just stamped as failure.  The girl that just can’t get it right.  That eventually God will forget me because I’m just not worth it. And I’m not worth what He gives me. In any way. But, He still does.  Even though some days I feel like #1 failure in life.  He is so faithful.  He puts me back on my feet again.  He shows me that He is stronger than my doubts.  Larger than my fears.  When I mess up, and come begging for His forgiveness, He forgives me.  And He restores my soul.

“…His mercies are new every morning”.

And so, what I mean by an unfinished me, is just that I will never be complete. Never be through growing.  Never stop messing up somehow.  Life is a journey of ups and downs.  But while I am living my life unfinished as I am, I will be reaching to live my life to its fullest potential.  For His praise only.  Until the day that I see my savior face to face, and finally, become complete.

But, life is short.  Let’s not take life for granted.  Notice the small and simple things around you.  See how such a tiny thing, truly is extraordinary.  A smile, a hug, a “I love you”, a sunbeam through your window, that first sip of coffee every morning.  We are so blessed in millions of ways.  But yet we are always wanting more.  Don’t waste your life away never being happy with where you are.  God isn’t finished with you yet, or me.  But while he is shaping me into who I need to be.  I want to stop and smell the roses.  He didn’t give us all he has to throw it in the ordinary and boring folder.  Because it isn’t.  It’s extraordinary.  If you be still, and notice it for its fullest potential.  Be still.